Manchester Connecticut

Investing in Communities

RPA is working to transform the tri-state area from one of the most segregated and least affordable regions to one of the least segregated and most affordable in order to serve our diverse and growing population.

Homes that meet the needs of all people at all income levels and all stages of life are critical for healthy, thriving communities.”


ADU Houses Grid Pattern
Towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut can create 40,000 new homes by 2040 by taking steps to encourage the creation of accessory dwelling units and conversions of large single-family homes.
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TASC Graphic2
TASC is an innovative and comprehensive mapping tool developed by RPA and the Municipal Art Society of New York that uses open data to assist elected officials, planning practitioners, and communities on a wide range of land use actions that affect future development.
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Fairfield County CT
To help communities in Fairfield County, CT understand and address challenges related to housing, RPA offers data and analysis on demographics and housing characteristics for all of the county’s 23 towns and cities.
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Manchester Connecticut
RPA joined the Connecticut Department of Housing and partners across the state to create this guidebook to help towns create strong affordable housing plans.
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Aileen Devlin Long Island
RPA offers updated profiles on the demographics and housing characteristics of every Long Island city, town, and village in an easily accessible format.
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Be Neighbor Pattern
We can create hundreds of thousands of new homes in the region just by allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and conversions of large single-family homes to two- or three-family homes.
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Accessory Dwelling Units in New York

Land use reform leaders from Connecticut discussed their strategies with lawmakers and advocates from New York who are trying to legalize accessory dwelling units in 2022.

Accessory Dwelling Units in New Jersey

Local lawmakers from New Jersey described how they are embracing accessory dwelling units and how these new housing options are benefitting their communities.


Be My Neighbor CT ADU examples
From Sullivan to Suffolk, we break down how the New York State Accessory Homes Act could benefit your county.
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Survey Pattern 01
74% of residents surveyed by RPA and Global Strategy Group support policies to create more affordable housing in the region.
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Zoned One Family Lefferts isolated Be My Neighbor Report2
Now that New York City is rezoning for affordable housing in SoHo/NoHo, here are the five neighborhoods the city should target next.
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Segregation Opportunty in Housing 1967 Regional Plan Association
Housing segregation in our region did not happen by chance. It is the result of accumulated policy decisions over multiple generations.
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From the Fourth Plan

From the Archive

Plan2 Public Services in Older Cities
In 1968 RPA published our Second Regional Plan, a series of reports that called for more investment in cities and more compact development to reduce sprawl. Public Services in Older Cities” recommended doubling the amount of federal spending on social services like health and education to help break cycles of poverty, particularly in inner city communities.
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