Upcoming Events

Join us at a dynamic conference, roundtable, breakfast, or exclusive infrastructure tour to hear from regional leaders and connect with RPA members. Plus, see when RPA’s planners and advocates are speaking near you.

  • Scenarios for Recovery & Renewal in the Tri-State Region

    The COVID-19 epidemic has wreaked havoc on the economy and laid bare our deep racial, health and economic inequities. How will the tri-state region, the U.S. epicenter of COVID-19 infections, be changed by the epidemic and its aftermath?


    May 29, 2020


  • Zuccotti Award Winner, the Honorable Henry Cisneros, Interviewed by PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff

    RPA is delighted to present the 2020 John Zuccotti Award to The Honorable Henry Cisneros, a visionary and transformative leader in community-building and affordable housing. He has spent his illustrious career working across all levels of government to make the dream of homeownership a reality for millions of Americans. Mr. Cisneros will be joined by PBS NewsHour Anchor and Managing Editor Judy Woodruff for an interview focused on the type of leadership needed from the local to national level.


    Jun 3, 2020


  • The Climate Change Pandemic & A Path to Decarbonization

    This panel will examine the public health implications of climate change and will discuss novel approaches to decarbonization, each with their own set of policy and political implications, against the backdrop of a global pandemic.


    Jun 4, 2020


  • Our Region's Digital Future

    This panel will discuss the challenges and solutions for deploying the infrastructure required to support universal connectivity and economic recovery and the public/private sector collaboration we need to achieve a 21st century digital region.


    Jun 10, 2020


  • What Comes Next? The Future of Housing, Neighborhoods & Urban Living

    We are gearing up for unprecedented changes to our region in the wake of COVID-19: to travel, public health, the economy — and to how we live. What are going to be the large structural changes in housing that result from the pandemic? Where will people want to live — and where will they be able to afford to? What role should local, state and federal government play? What new urban design ideas will result and which will be left behind?


    Jun 25, 2020