RPA partners with communities, businesses, government and civic leaders to implement our proposals. We focus on a set of critical campaigns each year while advancing dozens of other projects. Learn more about our campaigns here.

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The New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region was the epicenter of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and RPA is working to ensure it becomes the epicenter of recovery.
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Public transit is the lifeblood of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region but our transit system is facing an existential crisis. RPA is asking all levels of government to step up and save transit.
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RPA is advocating for policies and investments that can help our region hit ambitious climate targets without triggering other crises of equity, affordability or economic decline.
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Campaign Featured Image Reducing Segregation
Our region is one of the most segregated parts of the United States and has some of the highest levels of income inequality. RPA analyzes the scope of these structural inequities and works with partners to address them.
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RPA has long advocated for prioritizing people over cars. Amid the pandemic, we are building momentum for large-scale, permanent changes to promote transit, biking, cycling, and walking on streets.
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  • Restoring the Promise of Public Housing

    RPA is proposing strategies to increase funding and improve management for NYCHA, and we’re building the political and civic will necessary to implement them.
  • The Nation’s Most Urgent Infrastructure Project

    Build Gateway Now is a coalition of civic, labor and business leaders building support for the construction of a new rail tunnel to connect New York, New Jersey, and the entire Northeast Corridor.
  • Addressing Health Equity in Metropolitan Planning

    The Healthy Regions Planning Exchange brings together practitioners, advocates, and community-based representatives from across the US to address structural issues that influence health and equity in regional planning.
  • Funding New Jersey Transit

    RPA is convening groups from across New Jersey’s advocacy spectrum to support the transformation of NJ Transit into a modern, effective transit agency.
  • Fixing a Transit Nightmare

    Public for Penn Station is a commuter advocacy campaign combining transit and planning expertise with grassroots energy to increase the pressure on local, state and federal leaders to address the Penn Station nightmare.
  • Planning for Resilience with Frontline Communities

    Through a community-driven process with Make the Road New York, we’ve been learning what climate justice looks like for Queens residents by co-powering communities to turn their resilience goals into reality.
  • Bringing Better Transit to the Boroughs

    Running 24 miles on existing track from Co-op City in the Bronx to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, the Triboro would be an above-ground rail line connecting 17 subway lines and 4 commuter lines.
  • New City Parks

    New City Parks is an initiative to help bring thriving urban parks to neighborhoods that sorely need and want them.
  • A New Green Vision for Rikers Island

    Building on the work of community, criminal justice reform, and environmental organizations, RPA supports transforming the island from one for incarceration to one for green infrastructure to benefit all New Yorkers.
  • Resilience in the Region’s Largest Wetland Habitat

    For the New Jersey Meadowlands to have a sustainable future, we must balance climate adaptation with economic development and make resilience part of every decision we make moving forward.