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Resilience in the New Jersey Meadowlands

For the New Jersey Meadowlands to have a sustainable future, we must balance climate adaptation with economic development and make resilience part of every decision we make moving forward.

The Meadowlands is likely to bear the brunt of climate change. Endemic flooding of the region could lead to severe displacement, disruption of critical services, and the loss of more than 50,000 jobs. This is a gut check moment for the Meadowlands. What’s to be done?”

Why Chronic Floods are Coming to New Jersey

RPA Vice President for Energy and Environment Rob Freudenberg describes the role which New Jersey’s Meadowlands play in softening the impacts of climate change.




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The great estuaries and bays of the region are home to hundreds of acres of tidal wetlands. Fifty years ago, all three states in the region passed legislation to protect wetlands, which has slowed damage from development. But now, a new threat has emerged: climate change.
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This report identifies the places in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan area that are most at risk of being permanently flooded, and describes the effects of 1, 3 and 6 feet of sea-level rise on neighborhoods, employment centers and infrastructure.
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Celebrate the Meadowlands

Join RPA and Hackensack Riverkeeper for a free, all-day event celebrating the Meadowlands, the tri-state region’s largest wetland habitat, featuring boat and paddling tours, a fishing clinic, local food trucks, environmental groups and vendors, and remarks about the history and ecology of the Meadowlands.

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