Rockaway NYCHA
Produced in partnership with Community Voices Heard, this report highlights the urgency with which we need to bring better conditions to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), because not doing so has a direct effect on the health of hundreds of thousands of residents.
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Our Region

RPA operates in the interconnected 31-county New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region.

Map of the Region RPA works in







23 million


13 thousand

Square Miles

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Energy & Environment

    Energy & Environment

    RPA’s Energy & Environment program helps the region to rise to the challenge of climate change through proactive regional planning, smart policy development, and advocacy for sustainable land use practices.

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  • Housing & Neighborhood Planning

    Housing & Neighborhood Planning

    RPA’s Housing & Neighborhood Planning program explores how to make the region affordable for everyone and builds collaborative local plans focused on healthy, inclusive, and well-designed communities.

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  • Transportation


    RPA’s Transportation program helps shape and strengthen the network of railways, roads, airports and ports that binds the region together and connect us to the rest of the world.

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  • Governance


    RPA works to fix the institutions that are failing us by assisting and reforming the governments and agencies responsible for investments and policies that cut across the region’s three states and 782 municipalities.

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Ongoing Campaigns

Congestion Pricing and Fixing the Subways

Congestion pricing offers an opportunity to unclog traffic, fund and improve public transit, reduce air pollution, and achieve better public health outcomes, and RPA is working to make sure we get this policy right.

Restore the Promise of Public Housing

RPA is proposing strategies to increase funding and improve management for NYCHA, and we’re building the political and civic will necessary to implement them.

Transition to a Decarbonized Region

RPA advocates for policies and investments that can help our region hit ambitious climate targets without triggering other crises of equity, affordability or economic decline.

Reducing Segregation & Inequality Across the Region

Our region is one of the most segregated parts of the United States and has some of the highest levels of income inequality. RPA analyzes the scope of these structural inequities and works with partners to address them.

The Nation’s Most Urgent Infrastructure Project

Build Gateway Now is a coalition of civic, labor and business leaders building support for the construction of a new rail tunnel to connect New York, New Jersey, and the entire Northeast Corridor.

Fixing a Transit Nightmare

Public for Penn Station is a commuter advocacy campaign combining transit and planning expertise with grassroots energy to increase the pressure on local, state and federal leaders to address the Penn Station nightmare.
Bikeways Detailed Small DZ v1 01
We need an evolution in how we manage and use city streets. We need to develop a network of priority, high-capacity, protected bike lanes that serve as the heart of a comprehensive and cohesive bicycle network.
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New Jersey Statehouse
Our Senior Vice President Kate Slevin’s comments during a June 17 panel hosted by the New Jersey Climate Change Resource Center offer an outline of RPA’s agenda in the Garden State.
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Barika Williams Cropped
This Juneteenth, a day that RPA has failed to recognize before 2020, we had the pleasure of interviewing Barika Williams, Executive Director of the Association of Neighborhood and Housing Development.
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Infrastructure Program for COVID Recovery Marcus Brooks
At no time since the Great Depression has there been a greater need for an ambitious public works program. The foundation for any public works agenda should be the capital plans that we already have in place
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Protecting the public’s health and restarting the economy are complementary – not conflicting – goals that require a coordinated regional plan.”

RPA Plan2 Urban Design Manhattan 34 Access Tree Diagram
Urban Design Manhattan” recommended design principles for central business districts. Major elements of the report included opening subway stations to light and air, as the Citicorp Plaza did in Manhattan, and concentrating development above and adjacent to subway stations.
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Fourth regional plan cover
The Fourth Plan seeks to address issues including housing affordability, overburdened transportation infrastructure, and vulnerability to climate change — by addressing the underlying shortcomings in the region’s governance structures.
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104 Regional Plan News
To give some indication of the magnitude of racial segregation throughout the tri-state region, this 1979 study measured the degree to which each census tract differs from the regional average in terms of racial balance, both in total numbers of families and according to income level.
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