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Policy experts, public officials, business leaders, and influential advocates will debate bold solutions to the tri-state region’s most pressing challenges during our annual conference online May 3 – 7.
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Our Region

RPA operates in the interconnected 31-county New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region.

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23 million


13 thousand

Square Miles

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Energy & Environment

    Energy & Environment

    RPA’s Energy & Environment program helps the region to rise to the challenge of climate change through proactive regional planning, smart policy development, and advocacy for sustainable land use practices.

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  • Housing & Neighborhood Planning

    Housing & Neighborhood Planning

    RPA’s Housing & Neighborhood Planning program explores how to make the region affordable for everyone and builds collaborative local plans focused on healthy, inclusive, and well-designed communities.

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  • Transportation


    RPA’s Transportation program helps shape and strengthen the network of railways, roads, airports and ports that binds the region together and connect us to the rest of the world.

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  • Governance


    RPA works to fix the institutions that are failing us by assisting and reforming the governments and agencies responsible for investments and policies that cut across the region’s three states and 782 municipalities.

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Ongoing Campaigns

Ensuring an Equitable COVID-19 Recovery

The New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region was the epicenter of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and RPA is working to ensure it becomes the epicenter of recovery.

Saving Public Transit & Advancing Transit Equity

Public transit is the lifeblood of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region but our transit system is facing an existential crisis. RPA is asking all levels of government to step up and save transit.

Building a Decarbonized Economy

RPA is advocating for policies and investments that can help our region hit ambitious climate targets without triggering other crises of equity, affordability or economic decline.

Reducing Segregation & Inequality

Our region is one of the most segregated parts of the United States and has some of the highest levels of income inequality. RPA analyzes the scope of these structural inequities and works with partners to address them.

Designing Streets for Recovery & Equity

RPA has long advocated for prioritizing people over cars. Amid the pandemic, RPA is building momentum for large-scale, permanent changes to promote transit, biking, cycling, and walking on streets.

Restoring the Promise of Public Housing

RPA is proposing strategies to increase funding and improve management for NYCHA, and we’re building the political and civic will necessary to implement them.
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Event Highlight

Recalibrate Reality with Andrea Stewart-Cousins

New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins joins Recalibrate Reality: The Future of New York, a conversation series with leading thinkers and decision-makers which asks how we recalibrate reality to create a better, brighter future for New York.


New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
New York State Senator (NY 35)
Scott Rechler
Chairman, Regional Plan Association, Chairman & CEO, RXR Realty
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Residents are deeply concerned about climate change and support dramatic measures to do something about it.
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Asian Americans have helped build this country in the face of persistent discrimination.
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NRT West Portal1 Preventable Crisis Report Gateway
The coalition is urging US DOT to create a new funding source for the Gateway Project.
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I think that the next couple of years are going to be the most transformative in infrastructure and transportation in America since the 1950s.”

Fourth regional plan cover
The Fourth Plan seeks to address issues including housing affordability, overburdened transportation infrastructure, and vulnerability to climate change — by addressing the underlying shortcomings in the region’s governance structures.
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Public Service in Older Cities 1969 Paterson NJ
Investment in public services devoted to improving conditions for lower-income people should be more than doubled in order to break the cycle of poverty, RPA wrote in this report of the Second Regional Plan. This report proposed a fiscal strategy by which the nation could meet its responsibilities to lower-income citizens.
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