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The Gateway Program

Build Gateway Now is a coalition of civic, labor and business leaders building support for the construction of a new rail tunnel to connect New York, New Jersey, and the entire Northeast Corridor.

Gateway Interactive Map

Learn more about the 11 projects that make up the Gateway Program and how they will repair, modernize and expand the 10 mile stretch of rail between Newark and New York City.

The Gateway Program, Explained

This short video explains the basics of the Gateway Program and highlights the enormous benefits that its 11 core projects will bring.

Research and Latest News

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New research estimates construction of the Hudson Tunnel Project will generate 95,000 jobs – 20,000 more than previously projected.
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Whether going into the office or working from home, commuters are a vital source of jobs and income throughout the metro area.
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In order for construction to commence on the Hudson Tunnel Project, the Gateway Development Commission and other project partners must complete a series of steps to obtain a Full Funding Grant Agreement as outlined here:
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Transit trips across the Hudson River will continue to grow beyond the region’s current capacity. Without the infrastructure to meet this demand, the region’s economic growth and sustainability are in jeopardy.
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Gateway Tour
Touring the North River Tunnel illustrates the urgent need for the Gateway program and the improvements to rail service it will provide to the region.
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This report looks at the impacts of a potential partial shutdown of the Hudson River rail tunnel. While a shutdown is not planned right now, the possibility is becoming increasingly likely.
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Chris Jones RPA Penn Station Gateway

At New York Penn Station in June 2022, RPA announced new research - Gateway and the Post COVID-Economy - which demonstrates that trans-Hudson transit ridership will surpass 2019 levels in the future under virtually any circumstances.

Brian Fritsch Build Gateway Now Presser September2019

When the Federal Railroad Administration missed their self-imposed deadline to approve the Hudson Tunnel environmental impact statement by more than two years, the Build Gateway Now Coalition rallied at Penn Station to demand action.


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The Gateway Program is our nation’s most urgent infrastructure project. Join Federal Transit Administration Administrator Nuria Fernandez and Federal Railroad Administration Administrator Amit Bose for a virtual town hall on plans for the program and its advancement.
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The Coalition

From the Archive

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The links between New York and New Jersey face a growing crisis of capacity, connectivity, and potential collapse. Derailments, delays, or emergency repairs at Penn Station are mild compared to what will happen if one of the tunnels under the Hudson River fails before new tunnels can be built.
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