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The Nation’s Most Urgent Infrastructure Project

Build Gateway Now is a coalition of civic, labor and business leaders building support for the construction of a new rail tunnel to connect New York, New Jersey, and the entire Northeast Corridor.


Preventable Crisis Gateway Gomez NRT3 2
This report looks at the impacts of a potential partial shutdown of the Hudson River rail tunnel. While a shutdown is not planned right now, the possibility is becoming increasingly likely.
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The links between New York and New Jersey face a growing crisis of capacity, connectivity, and potential collapse. Derailments, delays, or emergency repairs at Penn Station are mild compared to what will happen if one of the tunnels under the Hudson River fails before new tunnels can be built.
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Trump Biden Debate Associated Press
We’re taking stock of where candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand on issues of great importance to Regional Plan Association.
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PSNY 1 Preventable Crisis Report Gateway
A recent survey shows tri-state area residents plan to return to mass transit, and support more funding for transit infrastructure.
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Trump in NYC
The Trump administration is acting out its vendetta against New York City by stalling congestion pricing and other infrastructure projects.
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Hudson River
The regional economy relies on tran-Hudson travel. This report explores increasing peak hour capacity, and options for linking a new tunnel with new and existing infrastructure.
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