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Reducing Emissions & Adapting to Climate Change

RPA is researching and advocating for policies that ensure our region is both mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Climate change is here. The longer we put off addressing its root causes and preparing for its impacts, the more often we’ll be left to reckon with its aftermath.”


Renewable Rikers2
As part of its 2022 Richard Kaplan Chair for Urban Design Fellowship, Regional Plan Association commissioned a vision for how the design of a Renewable Rikers could look and function.
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Green building renewable energy
The transition away from natural gas may take 30 years, but it has started in earnest in New York State and New York City. Both are banning gas in new buildings. signaling a major transformation towards electrification.
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Flooded Subways
Up to 20% of all subway station entrances — more than 400 in total — could be affected by an extreme rain scenario, also known as a​“once-a-century” flood. To prepare, city agencies have to begin collaborating much more closely.
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New York City can use our 32,000 acres of roadway to prevent flooding and adapt to climate change, support transportation alternatives and better goods movement, and expand access to economic opportunity. Here’s how.
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Bikeways Detailed Small DZ v1 01
Securing a carbon-free future requires that we change our infrastructure so that biking can become as accessible and common tomorrow as driving is today.
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New York’s Newest Green Energy Projects

RPA hosted the first public panel on New York’s newest green energy projects - Champlain Hudson Power Express and Clean Path NY - which promise to power approximately 2.5 million homes.

Nature-Based Adaptation

On the eighth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, RPA hosted a panel discussion exploring how New York City can invite nature back into the urban fabric as a method of adapting to climate change.

Energy Equity

RPA hosted a discussion on energy equity with leaders from the region’s utility companies, community-based organizations and leading thinkers in energy during Climate Week NYC 2020.


Tier 4 Renewable Energy Rally 4 6
The Tier 4” transmission policy is key to unlocking the full benefits of renewable energy in New York State.
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Iconic RPA map on blue
We break down how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will impact the tri-state region.
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Flushing Queens Flooding Stock Photo Wikimedia Commons 3
Approximately 180,000 small residential buildings in New York City remain vulnerable to high-intensity rainfall flooding.
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Survey Pattern 01
Residents are deeply concerned about climate change and support dramatic measures to do something about it.
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From the Fourth Plan

From the Archive

1973 Oil Crisis Wikimedia Commons
Amidst the national oil crisis in 1973, RPA evalu­ated energy consumption trends and energy conservation oppor­tunities in the New York metropolitan region.
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