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Transportation in the Region

RPA is researching and advocating for the infrastructure improvements we need to support sustainable and accessible transportation in the region.


Water street spaghetti pipes 2
Doing construction work in New York City’s streets is complicated and costly. This report examines obstacles and offers solutions for delivering a more modern, multidimensional right-of-way.
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Parkng Policy Is Housing Policy Ilo
In New York City, waiving parking requirements for new buildings has yielded more new affordable homes, especially on smaller parcels of land.
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Streets can be a revolutionary resource for our region if we continue to explore these spaces instead of prioritizing them as routes for cars alone.”

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The rapid growth of e-commerce is having a profound impact on land use, transportation, the environment, and more. Citizens and policymakers now face a choice between two different paths for the industry.
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Transit trips across the Hudson River will continue to grow beyond the region’s current capacity. Without the infrastructure to meet this demand, the region’s economic growth and sustainability are in jeopardy.
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The Port Authority Bus Terminal Replacement Project offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the entire west side of Manhattan. Here’s how we can make the most of it.
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ROW Rendering 5
New York City can use our 32,000 acres of roadway to prevent flooding and adapt to climate change, support transportation alternatives and better goods movement, and expand access to economic opportunity. Here’s how.
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The nation’s recovery demands an infrastructure program that creates jobs, reduces inequality, and prepares the U.S. for climate change and public health emergencies.
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29 Newark Bus Better Service Report copy
NJ Transit has plans to make bus travel easier and more equitable for riders. More funding and better traffic policies can help achieve this.
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We need an evolution in how we manage and use city streets. We need to develop a network of priority, high-capacity, protected bike lanes that serve as the heart of a comprehensive and cohesive bicycle network.
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Congesting zone map pricing
New York should have the world’s best urban transportation system, and congestion pricing is critical to achieving this goal.
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Impacts & Opportunities of E-Commerce

RPA hosted a two-day symposium to explore the growing impacts and opportunities created by e-commerce, including how e-commerce impacts our transportation system.

Hard-Hit Transit Agencies

Leaders from each of our region’s transportation agencies discussed how their agencies were addressing the fallout of the pandemic in the summer of 2020.


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The drop in ridership as a result of the COVID pandemic has created a looming budget crisis for the MTA. Who will be impacted by revenue raisers from Governor Hochul and the State Legislature to close the gap?
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Micromobility Bronx Scooter Pilot NYC DOT
How are micromobility options and autonomous vehicles emerging in the New York City region compared to the rest of the US?
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Gateway Tour
Touring the North River Tunnel illustrates the urgent need for the Gateway program and the improvements to rail service it will provide to the region.
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We break down how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will impact the tri-state region.
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Vehicle traffic has surpassed pre-COVID levels while transit ridership remains low. Our region cannot sustain this.
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Flooded Subways
How many subway entrances will flood during New York City’s next severe rain storm? We counted.
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More than 80% of residents in the NY-NJ-CT metro area would like to see more investment in public transportation.
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From the Fourth Plan

From the Archive

1942 Parking Study14
The metropolitan region’s central city needed a comprehensive program to adapt itself more advantageously to the motor age, but no city agency was in a position to undertake this task.
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