Nov 2021

10 Recommendations for the New Port Authority Bus Terminal

Design Considerations For a New Civic Destination

Current Conditions: pedestrian-, bicycle- and wheelchair-unfriendly environment

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Develop a Civic Destination that Also Serves as an Urban Hub

PABT roof

The current roof of the Port Authority Bus Terminal is a six acre expanse of concrete, most of which is closed and not even currently used for parking.

Port Authority Bus Terminal roof, image by RPA

Transbay roof David Yu

The new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco features a 5.4 acre rooftop park with public art installations.

Transbay roof, image by David Yu

Seoul Flower Market Bus Terminal

The Seoul Express Bus Terminal in Korea contains a wholesale flower market and multiple movie theaters to appeal to residents and commuters alike.

Seoul Flower Market Bus Terminal, image by Meagan Mastriani

Kamppi Center II

Many large centrally located bus terminals - such as Kamppi bus terminal in Helsinki - have a large entrance plaza which can also include local bus service bays.

Kamppi bus terminal II, image by Mahlum


Improve the Surrounding Pedestrian Connections and Environment

Urban Design Framework: Improving Connections

PABT Design Framework III PABT Design Framework III
RPA 4 RP Render 01 Commercial Street in the Urban Core Midtown 2 After Unlabeled resized
ORG Permanent Modernity / RPA Fourth Regional Plan


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