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Mar 2023

Building Better Streets

Improving Capital Street Infrastructure Delivery for a Re-envisioned Right-of-Way

Doing construction work in New York City’s streets is complicated and costly. This report examines obstacles and offers solutions for delivering a more modern, multidimensional right-of-way.
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New York has a moment of opportunity to implement an improved process for delivering street infrastructure better, faster, and more cost effectively.

Key Findings and Recommendations

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A Street Network in Need of Transformation

Transforming NYC’s streets for the better requires having a fast, efficient, and effective capital street infrastructure delivery process, which is a far cry from the chronic delays and cost overruns caused by inefficiencies in the current process.


Why Do Street Infrastructure Projects Cost So Much and Take So Long?

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Image from the DOT Street Design Manual, New York City Department of Transportation.


Global Designing Cities Initiative, National Association of City Transportation Officials — Global Street Design Guide.

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Recommendations and Case Studies

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Rain garden image © Philadelphia Water Department

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Image: Singapore Land Authority, 2018

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