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Jul 2022

Preventing Another Ida

Stormwater Management and Basement Apartments in Central Queens

During Hurricane Ida, extreme rain, unlicensed apartments, and underlying socioeconomic conditions resulted in death and disaster in central Queens. These strategies can help prevent that from happening again.

Key Recommendations


Infrastructure, Climate Adaptation, and Health Determinants

Litter New York City 1
Medical care shapes only 20% of a community’s health; social and physical determinants including socioeconomics and the built environment shape the other 80%.

Central Queens Physical and Social Conditions

Central Queens Health Conditions


Physical Conditions and Firsthand Analysis

Study Area

A Central Queens Context Map I A Central Queens Context Map II A Central Queens Context Map III
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Stormwater Needs Assessment

B Central Queens Flood Loss B Central Queens GI C Central Queens Context C Central Queens GI C Central Queens Loss D Central Queens Context D Central Queens Flood Loss D Central Queens GI

The Effects of Stormwater Runoff

Green Infrastructure Capacity and Right-of-Way Surface Area

ROW Rendering 5
New York City can use our 32,000 acres of roadway to prevent flooding and adapt to climate change, support transportation alternatives and better goods movement, and expand access to economic opportunity. Here’s how.
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Making Basements Safe

RPA MRNY Hurricane Ida Video Edith Basement
ADU Icons long Row

State legislators should grant New York City the authority to legalize accessory dwelling units (ADU) and provide necessary regulatory relief.


Lived Experience

Edith ida

Housing Impacts of Hurricane Ida

Felipe1 ida
Plan2 Jamaica Center1
The 1968 exploration of a new center at Jamaica — its potential and steps needed to attain it — was one of the key staff studies for RPA’s Second Regional Plan.
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