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Jun 2023

Sustaining Commercial Districts

Capacity building resources and policy recommendations for the future of public space management

Resources for small business improvement district (BID) advocacy and sustainability.

BID Budget Assessments and Area Median Household Income

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Tools and information for BIDs

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BIDs serve as important public realm stewards and business advocates in many communities throughout the city. This guide is filled with recipes” for actionable ways a BID can work to improve equity in their district.
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A district’s brand is a powerful tool that can help a Business Improvement District (BID) attract businesses, visitors, and investors by fostering a positive image and identity for the district and the organization.
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Vacant storefronts in a district can be thought of as blank canvases ripe for creative and dynamic solutions, and BIDs are well positioned to facilitate their transformation from potential to a vibrant reality.
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Learn how BIDs can use social media, local news, and other marketing tools to promote their businesses, increase sales, retain customers, and more.
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Poor parking and curb management creates a number of problems in commercial districts. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide guidance on how to best imagine and manage the curb to meet the needs of BID members.
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Events are a great way to attract and engage customers — use this short checklist to plan and execute your event successfully.
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Policy Recommendations

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The City has an extraordinary opportunity to catalyze equitable public space investment in all neighborhoods by lifting constraints and actively affirming BIDs and other place-based partners in less-resourced areas.
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