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Jun 2023


Nurturing Neighborhoods & Advancing Equity

The City has an extraordinary opportunity to catalyze equitable public space investment in all neighborhoods by lifting constraints and actively affirming BIDs and other place-based partners in less-resourced areas.

If self government in the place is to work, underlying any float of population must be a continuity of people who have forged neighborhood networks. These networks are a city’s irreplaceable social capital.”

Jane Jacobs

Executive Summary: “Help us help you!”


Why BIDs Can Be Key Partners in Achieving the City’s Goals

JGH DOT Art Asphalt Mural at Jerome Ave and East Gun Hill Rd Bronx JGHBID 2

Jerome Gun Hill BID Plaza in the Bronx

NYC Dept of Transportation

Morris Park 4

Yemeni Festival at Morris Park

NYC Small Business Services

…it is not enough for administrators in most fields to understand specific services and techniques. They must understand and understand thoroughly, specific places.”

Jane Jacobs, Death and Life of Great American Cities

Why BIDs Are Critical:

No Ho Better Together

NYC Small Business Services

Local Voices: Questions & Solutions


Reduce the Pain Points and Trust Community Partners

Citizens of big cities are forever being berated for not taking sufficiently active interest in government. It is amazing, rather, that they keep trying.”

Jane Jacobs, Death and Life of Great American Cities

Case study: Community PARKnerships in Austin


Develop the City’s Capacity to Support Place-Based Partnerships

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Meatpacking District, Manhattan. Image by Rblfmr.


Explore Funding Tools to Capture the Value Created By the Work of Place-Based Nonprofits

BIDs with Residential Assessments

BIDYear EstablishedMethod of Assessing Residential
34th Street 1992 Primarily residential properties pay 60% of the rate for commercial/office buildings
Brighton Beach 1987 Exclusively residential properties pay 10% of commercial rate
Bryant Park 1986 Primarily residential properties pay same rate as commercial properties
Columbus Amsterdam 1987 Exclusively residential properties pay 10% of the rate for commercial properties
East Brooklyn (industrial BID)1985 Nonindustrial properties assessed with the same formula as industrial properties (except minimum assessment of $2000 does not apply)
Grand Central 1988Residential properties pay same rate as industrial and commercial properties
Grand Street (formula is based on specific budget lines, not allowed anymore)1985Mixed-use pays same as fully commercial. Exclusively residential and tax-exempt properties contribute to maintenance, administration, and contingency (at a reduced rate proportional to frontage)
Hudson Square 2009 (Class F added in 2013 amendment)Fully residential units assessed at $1.00. “Class F” - New residential (either constructed, converted, or enlarged) after the 2013 rezoning pay a one-time assessment of $5.00/SF of residential use when the temp CoO is granted by DOB (these funds held in a separate account to fund active recreation space and open space improvements)
Hudson Yards/Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Mixed-use properties assessed at 80% of wholly commercial rate, except pre-2005 rezoning properties (only the commercial part is assessed at commercial rate). Wholly residential units pay $1.00
MetroTech 1992 North Subdistrict - Entirely residential properties pay reduced rate (based on AV). South subdistrict – Primarily residential properties assessed at same rate as commercial properties
Myrtle Avenue (Queens) 1988 Mixed-use pays same as fully commercial. Exclusively residential properties assessed at 10% of commercial rate
North Flatbush1986Mixed-use pays same as fully commercial. Exclusively residential and tax-exempt properties contribute to maintenance, security, administration, and contingency (at a reduced rate proportional to frontage)
NoHo 1997 Wholly residential properties assessed at 25% of commercial rate
Union Square (14th Street) 1984 Mixed-use and residential properties pay same rate as commercial
Woodhaven 1993 Mixed-use pays same as fully commercial. Wholly residential properties assessed at 70% of commercial rate
West Village2022Mixed-use properties pay commercial rate for commercial square footage only. Wholly residential tax lots pay $100 per year
NFBID events 1 Morgan Shortell

Flatfoot Flatbush

We can make beautiful music - and enrich neighborhoods that have historically lacked investment - by playing and working together

Morgan Shortell, NYC Small Business Services

San Diego Case Study

Washington, D.C. Case Study

Bed Stuy BG 76

Keep the economic dividends from better public spaces in the communities that generate them, especially in less-resourced areas!

Sreet market in Bed-Stuy, NYC Small Business Services

Across the City there are examples of unique ways the City has been able to incentivize other entities to generate and commit resources to build, protect and manage the public realm within a specific geographic area:

Times Square Public BathroomsPublic bathrooms were built by Boston Properties when they renovated a portion of the station. The company contracts with the Times Square Alliance to staff them.
East Midtown RezoningImpact fees have created a broader fund for public space and other improvements, which currently totals $41 million.
Times Square Theater District ZoningCreates a type of development fee by allowing the sale of air rights by a landmarked theater to a developer for any site within the Theater District. Revenue is generated so that an important local cultural asset – in this case a historic theater – is preserved.
42nd Street Development ProjectA per-square-foot charge is assessed on the hotel and office towers at either end of “The Deuce” which goes to a specially-created nonprofit – The New 42nd Street Inc. Sole purpose initially was to restore, maintain and program the block’s historic theaters. A master 99 year lease with the City of multiple properties on 42nd Street provides another funding stream in the form of commercial revenues and market-rate rents from non-historic properties on the street.
Brooklyn Bridge Park The use of assessed fees from adjacent commercial development helps to fund a number of parks along the north Brooklyn waterfront.
Fulton Street Mall Association & 165th Street Mall Improvement AssociationPay phone and newsstand revenues were allocated to the BIDs through a revenue sharing agreement with the City.
Chinatown DOT 210620 Doyer Street Asphalt Mural Manhattan 004 1

The road ahead can be brighter if the City and BIDs can work better together

Street Asphalt Mural, Manhattan, NYC Small Business Services



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