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Jun 2023

Vacant Storefront Toolkit

Vacant storefronts in a district can be thought of as blank canvases ripe for creative and dynamic solutions, and BIDs are well positioned to facilitate their transformation from potential to a vibrant reality.

How to use this guide – think of it like a cookbook!


Temporary Window Activations to Camouflage Vacancy

Agreement Considerations

Vacant Storefronts, Active Displays

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Enhance Marketing of Available Downtown Retail Spaces

Pitkin Vacancy Tour 1750 Pitkin

Establish a Business Plan Competition

Createhere 2020

Source: Downtown Fresno

Downtownfresno winners

Source: Downtown Fresno


Activate Interior Space of Vacant Ground-Floor Space

ETSY pop up images

Source: Etsy Handbook, How to Organize a Pop-Up Shop

License/Lease Considerations

Pop-up checklist

Pop-Ups in Action

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