Jun 2023

Branding Toolkit

A district’s brand is a powerful tool that can help a Business Improvement District (BID) attract businesses, visitors, and investors by fostering a positive image and identity for the district and the organization.

How to use this guide – think of it like a cookbook!

Key Definitions and Ideas

Downtown NOLA versus Downtown Development District

Centercity district branding resized
Hollywood partnership branding resized
Hudson Square BID Manhattan 34 Street Partnership Manhattan Brownsville BK 2 Brownsville BK

Determine the Effectiveness of an existing BID Brand


Define a Branding Budget and Engage a Branding Partner

Budget ComponentEstimated Cost
Naming$2,500 - $7,500
Logo Design$2,500 - $10,000 or more depending on the level of customization, the number of concepts presented, and the experience of the creative team
Visual Elements (palette, typography)$1,000 - $5,000 or more
Messaging Elements (tone, message, tagline)$2,000 - $10,000 depending on the depth of the strategy and the level of customization
Brand Guidelines$3,000 - $15,000 or more depending on the level of detail and customization
HP Branding Example 1 1

Examples of elements of branding and how to implement them.


Establish Brand Goals by Incorporating Community/Target Audience Feedback


Develop a District Logo


The Downtown Milwaukee Business Improvement District commissioned a mural that defines the destination of Schilz Park and offers a nod to Milwaukee’s legacy and history as a home to many breweries.

Tips for Turning a District’s Brand into Public Art


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