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Jan 2022

Regional Plan Association's 100-Year History in Connecticut

RPA explores our 100-year history in Connecticut through archival reports and photographs as we celebrate our Centennial.

Key RPA Contributions in Connecticut


1920s-1940s: Planning in Connecticut


1950s-1960s: Impacts and Alternatives to Sprawl

RPA Plan2 The Future of Fairfield County

1970s-1990s: Segregation and Housing

Fairfield 2000

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RPA Centers

The Third Regional Plan documented high-intensity residential and commercial land surrounding major cities, as well as low-intensity residential land in the region. The plan suggested ways to improve the region for businesses and residents.


2000s - the Present: Improving Transit, Housing, and Sustainability in Connecticut

Fairfield County CT
To help communities in Fairfield County, CT understand and address challenges related to housing, RPA offers data and analysis on demographics and housing characteristics for all of the county’s 23 towns and cities.
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