1927 RPA Plan1 v1 New York Region Painted by Jules Guerine (cropped)

May 1929

Regional Plan of New York and Its Environs

The purpose of the first Regional Plan was to guide the development of the New York metropolitan area and enhance the quality of life of residents, without regard to political boundaries.

This video was produced by Nate Dorr and RPA and aired during the RPA Centennial Assembly on May 6, 2022 to commemorate the organization’s 100th anniversary.

1931 1st Plan Vol2 Title Page

Creating the Plan

Plan of Chicago by Burnham Bennett 1909 title pages copy
Charles Dyer Norton
Herbert Hoover 1917
RPA Plan1 v1 073 1st Plan Map Harlem 300 RPA Plan1 v2 324 View of Manhattan 600 1928 General Plan of the Land Uses 1928 Location Map New York and Its Environs 96

Legacy of the First Regional Plan

RPA Plan1 Title page
1928 General Plan of the Railroads 72 RPA Plan1 v1 184 RPA Plan1 v1 Page 198 1928 General Plan of the Highway System 72 RPA Plan1 v1 Page 295 Regional Highway System RPA Plan1 v1 218 Digramatic Scheme for Regional Highway Routes
RPA Plan1 v1 211 Narrows Crossing RPA Plan1 v1 222 Plan for Proposed Metropolitan Loop Highway RPA Plan1 v2 174 Architects Drawing Hudson River Bridge 150
1928 General Plan of the Park System 72 Staten Island Great Kills 1 RPA Plan1 v2 561 Suggested Development of the Palisades 600
RPA Plan1 v2 395 resized 19351025 RPA Illustration RPA Plan1 v2 152 RPA Plan1 v1 Page 133 Ferris Rendering resized RPA Plan1 v2 111 Skylines of the Present and Future 600 Paterson Civic Center George B Ford RPA Plan1 v1 New York Region Painted by Jules Guerin 150 resized


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