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Build Gateway Now is a coalition of civic, labor and business leaders building support for the construction of a new rail tunnel to connect New York, New Jersey, and the entire Northeast Corridor.
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Transit trips across the Hudson River will continue to grow beyond the region’s current capacity. Without the infrastructure to meet this demand, the region’s economic growth and sustainability are in jeopardy.
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Steps to Complete Pre-FTA Project Development

ActionStart DateCompletion Date
(NEPA) Environmental Review Process - Notice of Intent PublicationMay 2016
(NEPA) Environmental Review Process - Public Scoping MeetingsMay 2016
(CIG) Request to Enter FTA CIG New Starts Project Development PhaseMay 2016July 2016

Steps leading to the first Gateway Development Corportation Board Meeting

ActionStart Date Completion Date
(CIG) Accepted into FTA CIG New Starts Project Development PhaseJuly 2016
(NEPA) Environmental Review Process - Scoping Summary ReportOctober 2016
(NEPA) Draft Environmental Impact StatementMay 2016July 2017
(Governance) First Gateway Program Development Commission Board MeetingJanuary 2017

Steps leading to (NEPA) Final Environmental Impact Statement/ROD

ActionStart DateCompletion Date
PANYNJ Board Approves 10-Year Capital Plan - Including $2.7 billion to support GatewayFebruary 2017
(NEPA) Environmental Review Process - Alternatives Development ReportApril 2017
(NEPA) Environmental Review Process - Public Review of the Draft EISJuly 2017August 2017
(Construction) Gateway Partners advance early utility relocation work at Hudson YardsMarch 2021
(NEPA) Record of DecisionMay 2021
(NEPA) Final Environmental Impact Statement/RODJuly 2017May 2021

Steps leading to the GDC Project Sponsorship

ActionCompletion Date
(Permit) New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issued HTP permitJuly 2021
(ROW) Amtrak Acquired Block 675, Lot 1 (260 12th Avenue) in Manhattan for Future Vent ShaftAugust 2021
(Permit) New York State Department of Environmental Conservation issued HTP PermitOctober 2021
(Permit) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a Department of Army Permit to the HTPNovember 2021
(CIG) Capital Investment Grants Updated Project Rating to "Medium-High"January 2022
(CIG) Capital Investment Grants (CIG) FY23 $100M Funding RecommendationMarch 2022
(Governance) Gateway Phase 1 - Memorandum of UnderstandingJuly 2022
Project Cost and Schedule UpdatedAugust 2022
(CIG) GDC Becomes Official Project SponsorSeptember 2022

Steps leading to the FTA Project Evaluation and Rating

ActionStart Date End Date
(CIG) Request to Enter FTA CIG New Starts Engineering PhaseOctober 2022
(Governance) Project Development Agreement (PDA) Approved by GDC BoardNovember 2022
(CIG) FTA Risk AssessmentNovember 2022Present
(Procurement) Tonnelle Ave. in NJFebruary 2023Present

The Gateway Program, Explained

This short video explains the basics of the Gateway Program and highlights the enormous benefits that its 11 core projects will bring.

Steps in the Engineering Process

Acceptance into FTA CIG New Starts Engineering Phase
Obtain all non-CIG capital funding committments
Complete all critical third-party agreements

Steps in the Negotiation Process

Review Financial Documents
CIG Construction Grant Request
Finalize Financial Agreements
Once FTA has completed its review and evaluation of the project and negotiated and prepared the CIG construction grant agreement with the Project Sponsor, the package of information must be reviewed and approved by FTA executive leadership, USDOT leadership, and others within the Administration.
Notification to congress: No later than 15 days before issuing a letter of intent, entering into a full funding grant agreement, or entering into an early systems work agreement under this section, the Secretary shall notify, in writing, the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives of the proposed letter or agreement. The Secretary shall include with the notification a copy of the proposed letter or agreement as well as the evaluations and ratings for the project.

Steps in the Construction Process

Full Funding Grant Agreement
Annual CIG Appropriations by Congress (ongoing annually)