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Transition to a Decarbonized Region

RPA advocates for policies and investments that can help our region hit ambitious climate targets without triggering other crises of equity, affordability or economic decline.

Careful thinking about adaptation and resilience must be an integral component of every decision, from land use and transportation to how and where we build housing.”


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When climate change threatens our communities, congestion and air pollution chokes streets and residents, the Five Borough Bikeway is the right solution to these multifaceted challenges. Securing a carbon-free future requires that we change our infrastructure so that biking can become as accessible and common tomorrow as driving is today.
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Adding Value
The forests, farmlands, and wetlands in the Mid-Hudson Valley are critical environmental and economic resources for the entire region. Yet the burden of protecting these lands is disproportionately borne by local communities, a tension which undermines efforts to preserve them.
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Our Senior Vice President Kate Slevin’s comments during a June 17 panel hosted by the New Jersey Climate Change Resource Center offer an outline of RPA’s agenda in the Garden State.
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The Transportation Climate Initiative would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and raise revenues for badly needed transportation investments in New Jersey.
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In this webinar, the heads of the Connecticut Green Bank and the New York Green Bank share their experience accelerating clean energy deployment in their states.
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NY Energy Goals September2019

From the Fourth Plan