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Designing Streets for Recovery & Equity

RPA has long advocated for prioritizing people over cars. Amid the pandemic, we are building momentum for large-scale, permanent changes to promote transit, biking, cycling, and walking on streets.

As COVID changes transportation, let’s make sure it changes for the better.”



29 Newark Bus Better Service Report copy
NJ Transit has plans to make bus travel easier and more equitable for riders. More funding and better traffic policies can help achieve this.
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Bicycle Bike NYC 17
We need an evolution in how we manage and use city streets. We need to develop a network of priority, high-capacity, protected bike lanes that serve as the heart of a comprehensive and cohesive bicycle network.
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Reimagining BQE Featured Image
This report seeks to expand the list of realistic alternatives for restoring the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) as a safe, efficient corridor for moving people and goods.
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Parking Lot Shutterstock
Alongside Pace Land Use Law Center and Tri-State Parking Initiative, RPA called for progressive parking strategies in this 2018 report such as lowering minimum parking requirements, pricing parking smartly, and establishing vehicle permit programs.
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Polly Trottenberg RPA Assembly 2019
RPA congratulates Polly Trottenberg for accomplishments during her tenure as Commissioner of the NYC Department of Transportation.
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Commuters to CBD 01
How will we get people in and out of the Manhattan Central Business District post-COVID? We modeled and compared two plausible scenarios for the next six-to-nine months.
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Healthy Regions Planning Exchange Oakland Transit Equity
As part of RPA’s Healthy Regions Planning Exchange, Oakland DOT Chief Ryan Russo described his agency’s efforts to make equity a central component of its work, especially its street redesigns.
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From the Fourth Plan

From the Archive

1975 Pedestrianson Sidewalk
How do people walk in a city? This essentially is the subject of this report by Boris Pushkarev with Jeff Zupan. It examines how people navigate on a sidewalk or plaza, how much space they take up, and how much space they need. This was noteworthy in 1975 because so much analysis to-date focused on examining the habits of cars.
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