Iconic RPA map on blue

When we talk about essential workers, it raises the question essential for whom and for what purpose?’ Those people are essential to their families, but they had to go to work. I’m glad we were banging pots, but banging pots doesn’t protect them.”

Dr. Herminia Palacio
CEO, Guttmacher Institute

The first thing we have to do is recognize the harm that’s been done by decades of racist housing policies…that created this yawning generational wealth gap that exists today.”

Diane Yentel
President & CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Are we going to be a country that values the life of every individual? And from an indigenous perspective, are we going to value the life of nature? That’s going to be our core mission in the 21st century.”

Dr. Cecilia Martinez
Senior Advisor for Environmental Justice, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Whenever I hear people say let’s get back to normal’ I cringe. Let’s examine the policies we have and ask are they really doing what we need them to be doing?’ – not just for the most privileged people, but for everyone.”

Zabe Bent
Director of Design, NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials)

The kids hanging out on the corner or the grandma peeking out the window can tell you a lot about the infrastructure in our communities.”

Tamika Butler
Founder & Principal, Tamika L. Butler Consulting