Triboro Right of Way

May 2016

The Triboro

Transit for the Boroughs

The New York City boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx are home to 6.6 million people. Many of them are poorly served by the city’s century-old, Manhattan-centric transit system.

What if there were a fast, convenient and direct transit connection between the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn?


What Is the Triboro?


Why Rail


Mixing Passenger and Freight Rail

Triboro Cross Harbor FEIS FIGURE

Daily Freight Train Traffic With Cross-Harbor Tunnel


A Success Story, London Overground

Triboro london overground network map
Source: Transport for London, Mayor of London

Moving the Region Forward

Many borough residents – 59% in the Bronx, 57% in Brooklyn and 36% in Queens – don’t own cars.


Funded By

New York Community Trust

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