As an Associate Planner on the Transportation team, Sofia engages in research and advocacy tasks for critical infrastructure enhancements that aim to promote sustainable and accessible transportation within the tri-state region. Her research areas include the future of Penn Station and examining ways to tackle the capacity and efficiency challenges that affect the station. She also advocates for the implementation of a fair and efficient congestion pricing program for Manhattan’s central business district and supports the expansion plans for New York City’s Greenway.

Sofia’s upbringing in cities in Europe and the United States has given her a nuanced appreciation for transportation and urban planning systems, both internationally and domestically. Before joining the RPA, she earned her Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University. During her studies, she worked with the transportation planning department in the city of Prague to conduct their first curb space management research and analysis and provided guidance on using curb space in ways that advocate for public space, economic prosperity, and sustainability. Sofia is also currently involved in an EU-funded project with a European city’s transportation department related to urban freight and commercial access to the curb. She also possesses five years of management consulting experience with multilateral, federal, and state government clients.