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Jun 2015

Transit Leadership Summit

Regional Plan Association convened three multi-day summits in New York, Singapore and London with more than two dozen transit executives from 17 different metropolitan areas to discuss the future of urban transit.

Lessons Learned

Having a smaller setting gives you a chance to have more in-depth discussions with people and to hear their experiences…this kind of exchange, to closely connect with people, that’s a key opportunity from TLS.”

Isabel Dedring, Deputy Mayor for Transport, London

The Summits


It was fascinating to see how similar many of our transit challenges ultimately are.”

Joe Lhota, former chairman, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York

The Cities

TLS Cities World Map
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Metrics and Data

Residents City 2012 Residents Metro Area 2013 Effective Fare Farebox Operating Ratio Farebox Recovery Ratio Rides Per Capita Riders per Route KM
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White Papers

WP Customer Experience 6 C8 A1610 by Transport for London
WP Fare Collection Flickr CC 8327067261 Sha Tin by Tom Page
WP Capital Investment East Side Access Construction Site IMG6421 by RPA
WP Value Capture Flickr CC 8433437123 Hong Kong IFC Mall by Swire
WP Climate Hurricane Sandy Suomi NPP VIIRS 10282012 by NASA Earth Observatory
WP Combined Mobility Flickr CC 5744826770 Radstation by Philly Bike Coalition


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