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Funding New Jersey Transit

RPA is convening groups from across New Jersey’s advocacy spectrum to support the transformation of NJ Transit into a modern, effective transit agency.


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NJ Transit has plans to make bus travel easier and more equitable for riders. More funding and better traffic policies can help achieve this.
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NJ Transit at Trenton Transit Center Report Essential Service
At a time when the region faces a deep recession and the future viability of the transit system is at risk, there are no good options for cutting costs or replacing lost passenger revenues. Here’s what we recommend.
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A New Ride for New Jersey

Commuter rail receives the majority of attention from media and legislators, but bus rides comprise the majority—58 percent—of all rides on the NJ Transit system according to Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

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NJ Senate Select Committee on NJ Transit

RPA testified at the New Jersey State Senate Select Committee on New Jersey Transit hearing, urging lawmakers to provide more funding for NJ Transit.


Gateway Tour
Touring the North River Tunnel illustrates the urgent need for the Gateway program and the improvements to rail service it will provide to the region.
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Governor Murphy should continue flood mitigation efforts, fund NJ Transit, and expand access to renewable energy.
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