Polly Trottenberg was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of Transportation in April 2021. She has a 25+ year public sector career in all levels of government, serving for the last seven years as New York City’s Transportation Commissioner. She ran a complex 5,800-person agency responsible for the safe, efficient, and equitable operations of New York City’s transportation network, including 6,000 miles of roadways, 789 bridges, the nation’s largest traffic operation and parking system, the Staten Island Ferry, and extensive bicycle, pedestrian and public plaza infrastructure.

Trottenberg helped implement the landmark Vision Zero program, the first in the U.S., taking a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to significantly reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. She also led NYCDOT through COVID-19 response and recovery, prioritizing transforming City streets to promote livability, sustainable transportation, and economic recovery.

Trottenberg served in the Obama Administration for five years as the Assistant Secretary and Under Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, where she focused on fostering a more sustainable and equitable transportation system. And she has extensive experience serving three U.S. Senators – Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Majority Leader Charles Schumer, and Senator Barbara Boxer. Trottenberg graduated from Barnard College and received her Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.