Number and Wages of Commuters Working in New York City, 2019

Place of ResidenceNumber of WorkersShare of NYC WorkerTotal Wages and SalariesShare of Wages in Place of ResidenceAverage Wage
Northern New Jersey455,3249.5%$52,703,850,42021.1%$115,750
Long Island312,1486.5%$33,033,486,05030.5%$105,826
Mid-Hudson Valley214,0674.5%$25,947,105,12031.7%$121,210
Southwestern Connecticut47,5261.0%$9,553,343,57013.6%$201,013
All Commuters to NYC1,029,06521.5%$121,237,785,16023.8%$117,814

Source: 2019 1-year ACS Public Use Microdata Series

Number and Wages of Reverse Commuters from New York City, 2019

Place of BusinessNumber of WorkersShare of NYC Working ResidentsTotal Wages and SalariesShare of NYC Resident WagesAverage Wage
Northern New Jersey70,0971.7%$7,134,890,8002.6%$101,786
Long Island112,1472.7%$6,102,538,8502.2%$54,416
Mid-Hudson Valley63,7121.5%$3,884,677,2001.4%$60,972
Southwestern Connecticut7,7070.2%$1,401,441,6500.5%$181,840
All Reverse NYC Commuters253,6636.1%$18,523,548,5006.7%$73,024

Source: 2019 1-year ACS Public Use Microdata Series

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Whether going into the office or working from home, commuters are a vital source of jobs and income throughout the metro area.
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