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Saving Public Transit & Advancing Transit Equity

Public transit is the lifeblood of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region but our transit system is facing an existential crisis. RPA is asking all levels of government to step up and save transit.

We cannot function as a region without our public transit network.”


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The nation’s recovery demands an infrastructure program that creates jobs, reduces inequality, and prepares the U.S. for climate change and public health emergencies.
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29 Newark Bus Better Service Report copy
NJ Transit has plans to make bus travel easier and more equitable for riders. More funding and better traffic policies can help achieve this.
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NJ Transit at Trenton Transit Center Report Essential Service
At a time when the region faces a deep recession and the future viability of the transit system is at risk, there are no good options for cutting costs or replacing lost passenger revenues. Here’s what we recommend.
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New York should have the world’s best urban transportation system, and congestion pricing is critical to achieving this goal.
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Flooded Subways
How many subway entrances will flood during New York City’s next severe rain storm? We counted.
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NYCHA building
The Biden Administration advanced key projects and sparked constructive debate about infrastructure during its first 100 days.
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More than 80% of residents in the NY-NJ-CT metro area would like to see more investment in public transportation.
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Tunnel Construction
RPA compiled a list of projects and regulatory actions we recommend the Biden administration prioritize immediately.
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Trump in NYC
The Trump administration is acting out its vendetta against New York City by stalling congestion pricing and other infrastructure projects.
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PSNY 1 Preventable Crisis Report Gateway
A recent survey shows tri-state area residents plan to return to mass transit, and support more funding for transit infrastructure.
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From the Archive

1942 Parking Study14
The metropolitan region’s central city needed a comprehensive program to adapt itself more advantageously to the motor age, but no city agency was in a position to undertake this task.
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Persons and Vehicles Entering Manhattan South of 61st Street 1924 – 1948

RPA has been studying vehicle congestion in Manhattan for more than 70 years.

1956 Entering Manhattan By Mode