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Reducing Segregation & Inequality Across the Region

Our region is one of the most segregated parts of the United States and has some of the highest levels of income inequality. RPA analyzes the scope of these structural inequities and works with partners to address them.

Even if New York City can protect its low-income renters in gentrifying neighborhoods, that won’t necessarily ease the displacement pressures on the other communities throughout the region which are experiencing similar issues of rising rents and fewer housing choices.”



New Jersey Statehouse
Our Senior Vice President Kate Slevin’s comments during a June 17 panel hosted by the New Jersey Climate Change Resource Center offer an outline of RPA’s agenda in the Garden State.
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4 RP NYC Property Taxes
Our region is one of the most segregated areas in the US. While no single policy can undo this legacy, we can’t truly expand opportunity without changing regulations that determine where affordable housing can be built.
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Affordable housing soho noho new york city
When it comes to building more affordable housing in the region, we need as much as we can get. But we also need to build it in a smart and equitable way.
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A new proposed regulation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development fails to recognize the historic and current relationship between segregation, inequality, and spatial planning.
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To create more housing in our region, we should follow the lead of U.S. cities like Minneapolis and end outdated zoning regulations that prevent the construction of multi-family housing.
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Be Neighbor Pattern
We can create hundreds of thousands of new homes in the region just by allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and conversions of large single-family homes to two- or three-family homes.
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Pushed Out
Over the past decades, New York City and much of the surrounding region has experienced a remarkable turnaround. But this success has come at a price. This report focuses on the impact of rising rents and neighborhood change on low and moderate-income households.
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How do planning decisions such as investment in a subway line, the creation of a park or the redevelopment of a neighborhood affect health outcomes decades later? This report seeks to add to our understanding of the health impacts of long term urban planning decisions.
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