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Congestion Pricing and Fixing the Subways

Congestion pricing offers an opportunity to unclog traffic, fund and improve public transit, reduce air pollution, and achieve better public health outcomes, and RPA is working to make sure we get this policy right.

We absolutely have to get it right here in New York. The whole country is watching what happens here, because they know that we are going to need new approaches like congestion pricing to address the challenges ahead.”


NJ Transit at Trenton Transit Center Essential Service Report
At a time when the region faces a deep recession and the future viability of the transit system is at risk, there are no good options for cutting costs or replacing lost passenger revenues. Here’s what we recommend.
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New York should have the world’s best urban transportation system, and congestion pricing is critical to achieving this goal.
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Save Our Subways envisions ways to leverage new investments and technology to create healthier stations and a better experience for riders, and recommends areas for future expansion of the subway.
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From the Fourth Plan

From the Archive

Persons and Vehicles Entering Manhattan South of 61st Street 1924 – 1948

RPA has been studying vehicle congestion in Manhattan for more than 70 years.

1956 Entering Manhattan By Mode