RPA100 brownfield nj
RPA NJ History First Plan Page 540

Proposal for Newark Penn Station from the Regional Plan of New York and Its Environs

Connecting New Jersey and the region

1 RP Trunk Line Railroad system Map 1 RP Suburban Rapid transit plan Map 1st Plan transit diagram
1st Plan Paterson environs aerial perspective

Prior to the publication of the First Regional Plan, RPA created a series of maps documenting parks, rail lines, highways, and land use in the region and proposing improvements.

1928 General Plan of the Park System

In 1930, RPA recommended filling in the Meadowlands to create a city.

Meadowlands Plan RPA Plan1 v2 Page 526
RPA NJ History 1940 Regional Highway Plan copy
1963 Regional Rail Models RPA News chart3
Carter Telegram NJ
RPA Plan2 The Future of Bergen and Passaic County RPA Plan2 The Future of Morris County RPA Plan2 The Future of Middlesex County

In the 1990s RPA’s Metropolitan Brownfields Initiative identified brownfields sites in New Jersey that could be remediated.

RPA100 brownfield nj

Dodson Associates

1993 Building A Metropolitan Greensward
2006 Newark2

Image from RPA’s Draft Vision Plan for Newark

In the 2000s, RPA envisioned how rail service could expand in New Jersey if a new rail tunnel was constructed beneath the Hudson River.

2010 Arc Region

Why Chronic Floods are Coming to New Jersey

RPA Vice President for Energy and Environment Rob Freudenberg describes the role which New Jersey’s Meadowlands play in softening the impacts of climate change.


In 2017, RPA proposed that the Meadowlands become a climate resilience park.

RPA 4 RP Render Flagship 04 Meadowlands 3 After Annotated

ORG Permanent Modernity for the Fourth Regional Plan