Our Staff

A dedicated group of planners, policy experts, urbanists, and advocates collaborate at RPA. Our staff combines decades of experience in transportation, housing, climate change, and more from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to research and implement ideas that improve quality of life in the New York metropolitan area.

  • Auchincloss Nell

    Nell Auchincloss

    Manager, Strategic Engagement and Events

  • Baldwin Zoe Cropped 2

    Zoe Baldwin

    New Jersey Director

  • Barrios Vanessa

    Vanessa Barrios

    Manager, Advocacy Programs

  • Bryk Dale

    Dale Bryk

    Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment

  • Calvin Ellis

    Ellis Calvin

    Data Research Manager

  • Chin Gloria copy

    Gloria Chin

    Communications Director

  • Finch Jim

    Jim Finch

    Vice President, Finance & Administration

  • Freudenberg Rob

    Robert Freudenberg

    Vice President, Energy & Environment

  • Fritsch Brian

    Brian Fritsch

    Manager, Advocacy Campaigns

  • Gates Moses

    Moses Gates

    Vice President, Housing & Neighborhood Planning

  • Harvey Rose Headshot

    Rose Harvey

    Senior Fellow for Parks and Open Space

  • Jones Chris

    Christopher Jones

    Senior Research Fellow

  • Kaplan Macey Melissa Headshot2

    Melissa Kaplan-Macey

    Vice President, State Programs & Connecticut Director

  • Kata Christina

    Christina Kata

    Special Projects Associate

  • Lane Rob

    Robert Lane

    Senior Fellow for Urban Design

  • McNulty Mark

    Mark McNulty

    Senior Associate, Communications

  • Mehta Maulin

    Maulin Mehta

    New York Director

  • Negret Marcel

    Marcel Negret

    Senior Planner

  • Neye Emily cropped

    Emily Neye

    Design & Project Director, New City Parks

  • O Keeffe Kimberly

    Kimberly O'Keeffe

    Development Associate, Grants & Projects

  • Slevin Kate

    Kate Slevin

    Executive Vice President

  • Taylor Tiffany Ann cropped

    Tiffany-Ann Taylor

    Vice President, Transportation

  • Tejada Roma

    Roma Tejada

    Accounting Manager

  • Thomas Tanzania

    Tanzania Thomas

    Associate, Development & Advocacy

  • Truax Julie Headshot2

    Julie Truax

    Vice President, Development

  • Weinberger Rachel

    Rachel Weinberger

    Senior Fellow for Transportation

  • Wright Tom 3 cropped

    Tom Wright

    President & CEO

  • Yankana Robert

    Robert Yankana

    Staff Accountant

  • Zackin Dave

    Dave Zackin

    Creative Director

  • Zuppan Jeff

    Jeff Zupan

    Peter W. Herman Chair for Transportation